Farmers Feeding Families

The basis of our farm has always been to raise incredible real food for our family and when we had enough-  share it with others. We finally hit that milestone last year at the beginning of the pandemic. We sat across from each other, having both been laid off, with no work in sight and thats when it hit us- it was finally time for our animals to start giving back to our community through the food they could provide and to our family financially. 

We started by making a few posts about ground bison for sale and it morphed into us processing numerous pigs and multiple bison each month, venturing further into the land of poultry for meat and purchasing a multitude of new laying hens to sustain our market. We put ourselves out on a limb when meat shortages were high and invested our funds into the dream.  We were one of the first farms in our region to offer door to door no contact deliveries and it didn't go unnoticed- our small family farm gained the traction we needed in order to sustain our family financially through the pandemic, because you were there for us- and we, unlike larger retailers will always be there for you. 

We took on 4 farmers markets, opened our farm store, partnered with some restaurants and continue to do deliveries to this day- and that is what I came here to say: "WE ARE STILL DOING IT." As the restrictions increased once again today, we wanted to put out a gentle reminder that our family is still here doing what we do best- feeding families. We are going to ramp up our delivery schedule, add individual cuts (with a minimum) back to the website and offer add ons of farm store products to continue to accommodate you through this legitimate nightmare. 

That is the beauty of supporting small, we will go out on a limb to love you back. 

Thanks for loving on us, we hope to feed your family. 

Stay safe.

Your Farmers,
Chad, Laur + Fam. 

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