Welcome to Backwoods

Welcome to Backwoods Buffalo, an organically minded ranch where all good things are raised wild and free. Backwoods is home to a herd of Plains Bison, Performance Quarter Horses, butcher pigs, our milk cow Birdy and a range of hobby animals.

Our animals spend their whole lives on our Northern Alberta ranch, roaming freely in a low-stress environment while indulging on natural prairie grasses. All of the livestock and products that leave our ranch reflect our belief in respecting and valuing our animals. We take pride on raising our animals with the utmost care and comfort, as naturally and humanely as possible. As a customer of ours you can guarantee our animals have comparable dedication and focus on their nutrition and wellness as the members of our family and live comfortable lives from birth to slaughter.

We are striving to provide local, farm fresh, quality products to our surrounding communities. We are raising animals with true stories behind them so our consumers can visualize and experience exactly where their food comes from.

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