A beautiful oasis situated on 320 acres with a little river flowing through its soil. Owned by Chad and Laurie Trigg college sweethearts with the same vision. Both Chad and I (Laurie) believe in raising our animals the same way we raise our children, free-range and as natural as possible. As a valued consumer of ours you can guarantee our animals have comparable dedication, respect, focus and value on their nutrition and wellness as the members of our family and live wholesome lives from birth to harvest- with only one bad day. Backwoods is proud to ensure our consumers are provided with the same wholesome quality products our own family consumes and enjoys. Thank you for being here and joining our ever growing community centered around food.

The Ranch

The Backwoods Buffalo Ranch is an organically minded ranch and homestead situated on 320 stunning acres of natural Alberta prairie grasses, striking woods, rolling hills and scenic river views, located SW of Mayerthorpe, AB, Canada. We have an on site farmstore which is a pleasurable family friendly experience enjoyed by all!

The Animals

We raise a variety of proteins including:Pastured Pure Plains Bison, Pastured Pork, Pastured Chicken and Free- Range Eggs which are raised in the utmost natural way possible. Roaming our pastures and living outdoors- we take the utmost care possible to love and respect our animals from birth to harvest.

The Ranchers

We are Chad and Laurie Trigg, a Metis Family from rural Alberta. We are striving to create a community based around whole foods while bridging the gap between consumer to farm through education surrounding honest conversations on how we raise our animals, in hopes to bring you; the consumer, feelings of ease when enjoying the taste of a Backwoods food experience on the end of your fork.

The Meats

Our meats are never treated with hormones or anti-biotics. Raised outdoors year round you can taste the difference in the sunshine. We believe in using the whole animal and in a world where we are accostomed to choosing everything that ends up on our plate a lot of great cuts get left behind which doesnt fit into our values. For this reason we are proud to offer our Ranch Boxes and when you choose to purchase one, you are not only honouring the animal as a whole but gaining an opportunity to experience delicious cuts that may not have been on your radar before. Thank you for eating and purchasing responsibly.


We are commited leaders in the agricultural industry through the WWOOF Canada program and are currently taking applications for a working farm experience through the Young Agrarians program! Check out the "Join our Family" Page for info!

Tried your Bison Ribeyes for the first time last week. I think they were the best steaks we've ever had.

Nanette- Farmers Market Foodie

Your ranch is so much more than just a store but an educational experience cherished by individuals near and far.

Connie- Farmstore Adventurer

Living on the Backwoods, you never know what you are going to be in for! New experiences everyday, knowledge is power.