Nose to Tail Bison Ground

Nose to Tail Bison Ground

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On our ranch we believe in consuming all parts of our animals as to respect and honour the beings that provided us such beautiful sustenance. 
Last summer I created an offering to invite people whom are shy of consuming organ meats into delving gently in. 

The most protein and iron packed offering that we carry, Bison Nose to Tail, tastes great has the same texture as regular bison ground and is simply such an easy way to consume something often left forgotten.

Infused with liver and heart from the same animal as the trim meat is coming from this is a beautiful convenience food. 

Typically $12.00/lb this week I am offering Bison Nose to Tail for $12/package which is a few dollars savings per package. 

Perfect in anything you would normally use regular ground for:
-protein bowls

Free delivery to Whitecourt AB, Friday Feb 4, 3:00pm Walmart Parking Lot North-West side.