LAURIE…My Shop is Filled With Junk!

This previous saying is a very common one coming out of the mouth of Mr. Chad… and it’s true.
Except it’s not JUNK like he thinks it is.  It’s beautiful chippy goodness that come’s from many a trip to an old farmyard.  For those of you that know me, you will know that I have a really big problem… a really big problem with hoarding all of the beautiful things that I have worked hard collecting while Junkin’.  I have an old soul and I firmly believe that everything should receive a second chance. Most of those second chances start on the floor of Chad’s shop  my storage unit, then slowly make their way into our tiny house when Chad is gone away to work. He is never surprised to come home to a completely different atmosphere in our little home, because if I’m bored I redo thing’s. Thankfully he doesn’t mind all that much. Chad I’m sorry that you can never find anything, but the old saying “A JUNK FILLED LIFE MAKES A HAPPY WIFE” is true. Or so I think that’s how that goes 😉

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Some of this weekend’s treasures while Junkin’ with my girlfriends.

Goodies like these bring tears to my eyes, because I’m so HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!!!

And then they turn into things like these…

BLOG photos 078 BLOG photos 130 Laurie I PHone March 2014 416 Laurie I PHone March 2014 1358 Laurie I PHone March 2014 1402 Laurie I PHone March 2014 1399

Makes my heart smile.

On another note…
We had one of the best surprises ever this morning… the newest edition to our ranch. A beautiful little sorrel filly out of my mare LCC Easy Flight. We couldn’t be more thrilled. Welcome to the ranch family  pretty girl! Only 4 more to go.

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Enjoy your afternoon everyone, thanks for reading.



Grandma Beeton

My hubby Chad has a Great Grandma named Elsie.  She really is great. We found our inspiration to start documenting our own life from her. Long ago she started documenting the story of her life and everyone in it…long before the days of blogging. All of Grandma Beeton’s memories and journals were eventually formed into a book that was dispersed throughout the family. Chad loved the idea of documenting the transition through our live’s as a young ranch couple, and so did I.  I loved the idea of being able to show our future children how hard work and dedication to things you love can get you to where you want to be.  I also loved the idea of having a place where all of my family and friends in Manitoba could virtually experience what our life looks like from two provinces away.  With that being said Thank You for the inspiration Grandma Elsie. To everyone else welcome to the journey through our live’s, we’re happy your here.

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