Bison are known for their strength and determination and in our opinion are one of the most majestic animals on earth.

“At one point over 30-60 million plains bison roamed across North America. Moving hundreds of miles each year, they help shape the land and contribute to the overall health of the ecosystem”

We are striving to conserve Bison of the Pure Plains origin through consistently growing our herd and raising  our animals humanely with organically minded practices. Our animals are raised in a small herd where they live in a low-stress, free-range environment with very minimal handling.
We respect and value our Backwoods Bison by providing them with a comfortable life by ensuring they are raised in the most natural- wild environment from birth to their “one bad day” when their life is sacrificed to put food on our plates. Our Bison are fed and finished on Alberta prairie grasses and raised 100% without the use of growth hormones & are guarenteed antibiotic free at the time of slaughter. We are working hard to build consumer confidence in our animals.
Today individuals are consuming bison meats more than ever with increased focus on the health and wellness industry. Bison meat is a flavourful, tender and extremely lean red meat alternative. Bison has what most nutrition conscious individuals want with its high levels of bio-available iron and low fat content. The high iron content and rich source of protein in bison meat helps to provide consumers with increased energy levels.

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  1. you will get through this. you have our support. taxes do suck. keep sharing. xoxox:)


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