The BEST Gossip from RR 100

This sentiment came up on my news feed at the beginning of August and I could only hope it would be true.
As the month progressed, my cleaning career took off, Chad got a really great job that he wanted, Oakley is using the potty like a big girl, I sold one of our fillies and the list goes on.
Good thing after good thing… whenever this happens to us, we usually wait for the bomb to drop as too much good is usually to good to be true.

And then it happened.

We have had an inkling and today our inkling was confirmed. img_2978
The Backwoods Ranch Mama is pregnant.
ME, I’m pregnant with our third child, our rainbow.

There is a God.

Tears of joy and sadness have been creeping down our faces all week-long.
We have danced, laughed, cried and had moments of incredulous terror.
We have longed for the baby that gave us this beautiful gift and we have thanked her.
There isn’t a child in the world that could replace our sweet Willa but if things were different we wouldn’t have this current amazing blessing.
Everything is confusing, it’s weird to feel happy and sad and nervous and scared and unbelievably thankful all at the same time but that is what we are.

THANKFUL, unbelievably freaking thankful.

We decided after we lost Willa that we would let nature take its course and when the time was right we would be blessed with another baby.
Five months later and our pregnancy journey has begun again.
My body must have felt healed and ready to bare another life, to give another life.
We have decided as a family to announce earlier than the norm as we now know that there is absolutely no “safe zone” in pregnancy and we want to bask in every moment of our greatest blessing.
With the circumstances in which happened with our sweet Willa we have also decided that god forbid something happen during this pregnancy or not, we would rather have you on this journey with us from the beginning, so you can love us and support us through it… it takes a village to raise a grieving family up from the ground.

It is going to be a walk like no other.
There is going to be healing and grieving and anxiousness that we don’t even yet know exist.
We are once again due in April, if that isn’t a sign from above I don’t know what is?

We will be having additional screening, ultra sounds and an early induction but every single second of it is going to be worth it because we are determined that this journey of life is going to end with the greatest gift… hearing our baby cry.

Tears, so many tears.


We are sending love, light, healing and so much happiness out into the world.
Thank-you for loving us through our journey of rain and now for following our rainbow.

With love,

The Backwoods Fam.


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