When Life Gives you Lemons

When life gives you lemons.png
When hard things happen to a lot of families it rips them apart.
The individuals do not know how to express how they are feeling.
They contract into themselves and keep everything bottled up.
Ultimately not knowing how to process and feel as though they are going through everything alone.

We are not the norm.

With every struggle we have had to endure throughout this crazy path we call life, we have prospered.
To many of you, that may seem so strange.
How could a relationship possibly become stronger, filled with more love and more life after death.

One word: Resilience.

Understanding, trust and reassurance have gotten us through this far and it will continue to get us through.

There have been nights where Chad has held me as I cried.
There have been nights where I have wiped tears from his face.
We have held Oakley and loved her through this.
We love each other so much and so hard that we have helped each other through this…thus far.

We have been through so much in our short lives that I am unsure at this point what it would actually take at this point to break us.
We are here waiting, waiting for what will be thrown in our path next.
There is something so powerful to say about resilience.
It is an amazing thing.

Our relationship has grown, our parenting has blossomed exponentially and our want and need to grow our family has strengthened.
When enduring life after loss, you appreciate every moment, every friendship and every family member so much more.
You toss everything that has ever made your chain hitch in its crank away about the people in your life.
Nothing matters.
You relearn how to love, live and journey on your winding path.

When life gives us lemons we make freaking lemonade.



This is us,

This is Backwoods.

3 Comments on “When Life Gives you Lemons

  1. You truly have two options in these situations, fight one another or cling to one another and you two chose the best route. Keep ahold of that love.


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