Oakleys Natural Habitat

Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, it doesn’t matter the season, the weather or the day of the week, all Oakley wants to do is be outside.
As a family with a whole lot of farm chores and an endless list of things to create, finish and work on, having a child who loves the outdoors is a huge advantage.
Having a child who likes to do the chores and prides herself in helping is just the icing on the cake.
I don’t have words for these photos as each smile, weary look and face of pure determination speaks for itself.

A day in the life of Oakley in her natural habitat.
calamitychore timenevilleOak 4oak 5Oakley 1Oakley 2Oakley 3Oakley 6Oakley 8Oakley 9Oakley 10Oakley 11Oakley 12Oakley 13Oakley 14oakley 15Oakley 16Oakley 17Oakley 18Oakley 19Oakley 20Oakley 21Oakley 22Oakley 23Oakley 24Oakley 25Oakley 26Oakley 27Oakley 28Oakley 29Oakley 30Oakley 32Oakley 33Oakley 34Oakley 35Oakley 36RugerTurkey

Have a wonderful day my friends.



One Comment on “Oakleys Natural Habitat

  1. Oh my god. The pics of Oakley are fucking priceless. Love them !!

    Laurel Lamb

    Call/text 204-851-0026 Master Integrated Energy Therapist Bradlaurel.nerium.com



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