A New Horizon

the line at which earths surface and the sky appear to meet.

Not everything we share is depressing and not every aspect of our lives is sad.
We try to find the good in every day, just as each day is good.
We have one another, we have our ranch, we have our family and we have community.

Spring hasn’t always been my favourite time of year, but it has been for the last five.
This year, we have lived at Backwoods for five years and we have also been married for five years.
2018 has still been a good year and is going to be a good year, even though it’s filled with a lot of grief, heartache and a lot of sadness.
This year, spring still brings me joy.
Getting to experience ducklings, the sound of my baby splashing in puddles, my chickens free-ranging, the sight of the new-born calves, my seeds sprouting, new foals on the ground,  all of it makes this life so worth living.

Yesterday when we woke I told Chad that I had a feeling we had a new foal.
He asked me “why I thought that?” and I told him I just had a weird feeling.
Low and behold, we did.
A perfect little sorrel filly, filled with life, adventure and spirit.

Her mamas name is Taco and her daddy’s’ name is Relative but her name is Horizon.

A new life.
A new spirit.
A new challenge.

And all things looking up.

horizen 5horizen 5horizen 7horizen 8horizen 9horizen belle 2horizon belle 1
Earth and the Sky.
To me the earth and the sky now connect each and everyday.
This is our Horizon.


This is us, this is Backwoods.

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    Laurel Lamb

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