Happy One Month Willa Bird


This… is a post I have wrote and rewrote a hundred times.

It doesn’t make sense.

One month is usually a highlight reel, this is it.

And it’s real.

None of it can and ever will make enough sense to me.

I tried writing this at exactly your time of birth and death today.

I couldn’t do it.

There is nothing in my heart that could make my fingers write in the way I wanted too.

It doesn’t fucking make sense.

We wanted you so badly.

We still want YOU.

Your Daddy and I both know your beautiful little soul is here.

Throughout every second…every second,  of every day,  we see you.

We do, our girl.

We see you.

Each time a tiny bird crosses our path, we see you.

We watch you walk beside your Sissy in so many ways.

She talks to you.

Keep reaching out to her… just as you have been, she needs you.

Daddy and I both wish we had the same innocence as Sissy so we could connect with you as deeply as she has.

It’s just not the same without you here.

Nothing ever will be.

Happy One Month Willa Hain.

We love you more than tears, hugs or love could ever explain.

Here is your highlight reel our sweet girl.

Mama,  Daddy and Oak.

p.s. we love you to the moon and back as long as we live.

IMG_3475IMG_3473IMG_3482fullsizeoutput_2ebthe daddyIMG_3507IMG_3505oakley 1baby girlIMG_3509tattoos 4tattoo 11Oakley April 21Oakley April 21 3Mom and Oak April 10IMG_3583IMG_3595IMG_3639IMG_3661IMG_3665xox mama.

p.s. we are all hurting.

4 Comments on “Happy One Month Willa Bird

  1. Oh mama, my heart breaks for you every time I read one of your posts. I could never say I understand the pain you’re going through, but I can understand grief in it’s many forms. You do not need me to say you’ll be okay or that it gets better or even easier for that matter, but it does, and it will. Never forget your baby girl and keep her memory alive with your oldest. Life can be cruel but there are reasons behind everything. Keep writing mama, I’ll be here reading ❤️


  2. Happy one month in heaven sweet baby girl. All the love to your family earth side that misses you so.


  3. One month — Just know there are hearts with you. You write so beautifully and we out here feel every word. Keep writing. It is such a wonderful tool that helps the stuffed down feelings come out. Hugs to the three of you. Love Auntie Bev.


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