Oakley April 21While some individuals may believe that a child of only one and half years wouldn’t be able to comprehend the feeling of grief, I am here to tell you that the pain experienced by us as adults is just as raw for our resilient littles.

Children are empaths in the deepest of forms. They pick up on the cues around them and have the capacity to feel what others are feeling from within their frame of reference. Oakley April 21 4They want to heal the hurting hearts of their parents and loved ones. They want to go back to the way things were. I loathe the fact that my sweet baby has to endure this painful new addition to our lives, the addition we call grief.
I believe that our sweet tot had dreams and aspirations for all of the adventures she would have with her Sissy, just as we had for the two of them together. Oakley April 21 3Oakley April 21 5I watch her so closely, so intently.
I study each and everything she does so carefully.
Her mannerisms have changed, her appearance has changed, she has grown so much in the last few weeks, but her innocence has stayed the same.
She finds joy in the smallest things.
She is so brave. Oakley April 21 6Oakley April 21 2I watch as she plays, connects, creates & loves.
So free and uninhibited.

Life is filled with so many choices, we taught her that.
Sometimes she won’t have the ability to choose and sadly “life” chose to teach her that before she was ready.
I am just so grateful that she has chosen to love life and find hope in the healing process even when so deeply affected by grief.
Oakley Aril 21 7We know that her biggest worry is making her Mommy and Daddy feel better. To help us heal our hurting hearts but what she doesn’t know is that her innocence and pure love for life is already healing every ounce of our beings.
Sometimes when you’re feeling deflated and confused, you should look to your toddler so you can understand life again.

Pure Innocence.



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