Finding Joy in the Mundane

The expression “stop to smell the roses” is not simply about flowers but rather how to live life with a deeper appreciation for the world around us.
This past week has been filled with so many firsts but also filled with so many routine tasks and responsibilities that are the norm for our family.
Feeling an unexplainable heaviness, learning how to breathe, numbness and loss for words are all new to us but so are finding joy and beauty in the mundane, simplistic everyday.
We are surrounding ourselves with people who feel like sunshine and allowing ourselves to succumb to inconsolable tears one moment and incredulous laughter the next.
Learning how to cope with the waves of grief is a skill that can only be mastered over time. It may get softer, more gentle and hurt a little less but it will last as long as love does-forever.
Finding joy in everyday life may seem so distant to others experiencing the same heartbreak as us as it’s so fresh but I believe that pouring yourself into something that finds you solace is one of the best forms of healing.
For myself I find joy in the mundane through the lens of my camera and by expressing the words that can’t be verbalized through writing.
babygirl daddyChicken FeederchickensChickens april 10duckeggs april 10Mom and Oak April 10mom and Oak April 10 18neville 2 april 9oaks and daddy april9pig april 10reeva and maddiRooster Chickenthe daddytwitch 2 april 9twitch april 9 stunWhite Chicken April 10teepee april 10 fav

The greatest advice I can give you as a grieving mother as cliché as it may sound is: “stop watering the weeds in your life and start watering the flowers” in other words, slow down, enjoy the little things, squeeze your babies, tell others you love them, stop to smell the roses and find joy in the mundane.

All my love,


ps. “life is too short to drink shitty coffee.”

6 Comments on “Finding Joy in the Mundane

  1. I am so, so sorry for your loss, Laurie. My thoughts are with you, your husband & both little ones. 💕


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