Sibling Day, Minus a Sibling

National Sibling Day, a day where your news feed gets flooded with posts of everyone with their siblings.
A day where you go to town and notice all of the brothers and sisters in each others presence.
You notice the two little girls giggling, so close in age they could be twins.
You notice the babies in strollers and mamas with overfilling arms.

You notice your little girl sitting, alone.
baby girl .png
Sitting alone playing in a room filled with adults overcome with grief.
Many broken hearts, loss for words and tears that can no longer be shed…but her heart is hurting too.
She may only be one years old, but she knew.
She knew the drawers full of little clothes and tiny diapers were for the one we called her sissy.
She knew to kiss Mommy’s baby and that she was going to be a Big Sister.
She witnessed my growing belly and empty arms upon arriving home from the hospital.

She knows confusion, frustration and sadness that no child should ever have to endure.
She has experienced the unexplainable loss of a sibling.

But she still IS a big Sissy.
A beautiful, kind and caring little soul that deserves to be highlighted on this special day.
She is just as much a big Sissy, as Chad and I are parents to not one but TWO little girls.

This is just the first of many painful firsts for our family.
Happy First National Siblings Day Oakley & Willa.
We love you so.



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