Originally when I started this blog it was inspired by Chads great Grandmother Elsie who wrote a book about her journey through life. I always thought that what she did was so inspiring and such a beautiful memento for all of the family members that came after her.
I wanted to do something similar but didn’t really know how to go about it, mainly because I thought our life wasn’t interesting enough for people to want to read about.
Throughout the life of our blog it has changed directions maybe as much as the writer herself. I feel as though I am finally finding the direction I would like this beautiful space to go in and in that realizing that it’s okay to switch it up. This space was created to give others inspiration while providing an inside look into life on the BWB.

You will find posts on things such as:

-our family

-our animals

-our ranch


-small house living

-health and wellness


-& real life

If you could choose to learn about something specific about our life, what would it be?

I am striving to meet one of my personal goals of 2018 and that’s to post on our blog more frequently and I want to write about what YOU the reader wants to learn about. All suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Some photos of the replacement and riding division of the BWB horse herd ❤

Happy Thursday.


candycandy and reeveychurroherdreevasistersister and reevatwitch 3

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