Reasons to Frequent your Local Library

As many of you may know, I am a recovering hoarder and I don’t put that lightly.
As a child I would keep anything and everything that was gifted to me for fear that I would hurt the gifters feelings if I rid of it.
My room was over a foot deep upon entering it and housed everything from clothing, fabric scraps, books, movies, dance shoes and one year even a live duck… no joke.
I once was interviewed for a job and one of the questions was “is your room messy or clean?” I answered honestly and was told by the Owner that “messy rooms equal creative minds.” I just lived out the rest of my early adulthood believing that, and continued to hoard things.

A few years ago I woke up.

Why in the hell did I have all of this stuff that I didn’t even like…nor was serving a purpose?

The great purge began and I got rid of LOADS of stuff and when I say loads, I mean VEHICLE loads.

Most things were easy for me to go through, donate and pass on until…it came to books.

As a child who was homeschooled, books were a huge part of my upbringing. Both of my parents are avid readers and I could often be found reading novels far beyond something you would think an elementary student could comprehend. Books have the ability to sweep you off your feet, captivate your imagination and take you to worlds that you wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to visit.


I think the love and respect for books that was distilled into me when I was a child has played a huge role in my passion and commitment to them in my adult years. I always feel as though if I pass them on someone may not love or appreciate them as much as me. I know. I know, they are just books, but they played a huge role in the halt of my purging efforts a few mere years ago until….

Oakley was born and we were gifted a 1 year membership to our local library in our going home from the hospital package. The library does this to promote literacy in children at a young age…um, awesome.

I don’t know why I hadn’t frequented the library before Oak was born but after going the first time I knew it would be my new guilty pleasure.  I am going to share a few reasons why our family absolutely adores the library.

1. Free Movie & Music Rentals: At the time that we started frequenting the library we didn’t have cable, wifi or satellite, we simply had a TV with a DVD player and lived off borrowing and renting movies to get our technology fix. We had been renting movies for $5 a pop only to find out that we could literally get any movie or tv series from the library with their Alberta Wide Trac Data Base. Winning!

2. Free Internet: I utilized this free service tons before we got WIFI, otherwise I was updating our blog and running my business strictly from my phone… If you could imagine this was not the best use of my time as it took FOREVER to edit things.

3. Cheap Printing: Before we had a printer, scanner and computer we would print things at the library for 10 cents and call it a day.

4. Programming: Our library has endless programs for people of all ages. We are most excited to start attending the children’s literacy and music programs this fall. I love the idea of building a foundation for my children surrounded around respecting and appreciating books from a early age just as my parents did for me. I want them to enjoy reading and not feel as though its something that “they have to do.”

5. Borrow a Kindle or Kobo, Download Audio Books and E books.

6. Make connections with people in your community and visit with the amazing library staff.

7. Borrow a Book: This is my all time favourite portion of this post obviously. You can literally get your hands on any book you desire through the library. If your local library doesn’t own it another library in the Trac system will… they will put a hold on the book for you and most times it’s in within a week! So easy and convenient.


I know that you can read almost everything online now a days but personally I love the feel of holding a real book. I like that I can bookmark and re-read portions that interest me or reference back to something that I have currently taken up studying. Previously when I would find a good book recommendation, reference book that I needed in my collection or my favourite authors would come out with something new, I would automatically order it from Chapters or Amazon read it once and retire it to my overflowing shelf. But not anymore! This is where the library really helped me save money and part with my book hoarding tendencies. I passed all of my books on to others who may enjoy them except for the select few of my favourites that I have ACTUALLY read again, reference frequently and of course my cookbooks. Now when I see a book recommendation, need the latest fermentation, minimalism, natural health guide or Kristin Hannah release,  I check them out from the library, read them and if I feel like its something that will benefit me in the future… then I purchase it. The library saves our family loads of money… $2,344.70 since we started frequenting the library a year and a half ago to be exact. We are so thankful to have this free service at our finger tips ❤


Thanks for reading my friends, I must bid you adieu as my weekend is all “booked” up.
See what I did there 😉



2 Comments on “Reasons to Frequent your Local Library

  1. I am one of those who has been really utilizing our library as well. It is amazing how much they offer! Also, I love the feel of a real book myself. Nothing beats it:)


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