The Clean Parts of My house.

I am going to be real.
Our house Is never ever perfect, sometimes photos can depict that, but it’s not real life.
We have stains all over the carpet where Oakley eats and usually a substantial amount of dishes in the sink.
However the more minimal we become the less cleaning I have to do and the more I love our home.
I have focused on trying to keep our bedroom clean for the last couple weeks and am now adding the living room to the agenda…ALL at once. haha.
Baby steps my friends, baby steps.

I thought I would share some progress photos with you as to what our tiny ranch house has been looking like lately.
My mom always laughs because our house is different every single time she comes… If only she knew Chads evaluation of monthly changes was actually daily evaluations haha.

Enjoy the small bedroom and living tour thus far.
First of all this is the newest space in our living room. We used to have a super big bulky chair in here that we retired and replaced it with two smaller thrift store finds that are opposite to this. This is the dresser we picked up from Ikea, that stores all of the girls clothing. I have had a lot of people ask me which dresser this is, so if you are also wondering it is the Tarva, 6 drawer dresser in raw pine. It can be found here: Ikea Dresser
I chose it specifically because the wood is raw, which means it is ready to be re-fabbed in ay way you wish. I found the inspiration for it on Pinterest, sketched it out with pencil and just painted it in after lightly white washing the whole thing.

Our art work is photography of our horse herd taken by Sam of SJ Originals. If you haven’t checked out her page you should do so, she has become a great friend of ours and takes all of our families photos.

Everything else in this photo was a gift, home sense find or re-fabbed by me, including that rad chair to the left, which was an old abandoned $5 thrift store find from years ago that I re-upholstered in a vintage rodeo fabric.

I was talking to a girlfriend earlier and I literally said “its funny how much joy something as menial as a dresser can bring you when it turns out how you have planned and isn’t crammed with “stuff”.”

Next I’ll take you into our shared bedroom.


This is Oakleys half of the room which will also become Baby “W” side of the room as well. We co-sleep so we don’t have a need for a ton more space right now. We will be bringing the cradle back into the living room for nap time when the time comes and adding our new baby swing as well. We picked up the same dresser that you saw above for the living room to house all of mine and Chads clothes and we ditched the change table as we never used it. Oaks mobile and teepee are DIY projects that Chad and I did before she was born and we added other thrifted and locally purchased elements accordingly. Except for that Bison Print, I won that from a Facebook give-away after never winning anything in my life and what a beauty it is. If you are looking for some original art I definitely recommend checking out: Brennan’s Fine Art

Now for our half of the room, It has definitely become a space we have grown to love. We used to have a tv mounted in here but decided that we wanted this space to solely be a sanctuary for sleep. We removed lots from this space and just focus on what we need in here.


Before Oak was born we ripped up all of the old carpet and now only have cement with an area rug which Chads mama scored for $50. Our head-board was pulled out of the loft of an old homestead building on my parents farm, our night stand is from a local buy and sell and I re-did it, the bison print was a prize from the Bison Conference we attend in Ponoka each year and then of course we have our YL diffuser. We often diffuse Gentle Baby and Lavender in our diffuser as it has really been helping not only our babe but this insomnia struggling mama sleep ❤


This is a close up of the top of my other dresser which houses my unmentionables, pjs, and extra jewels. The small shelf was a $1 thrift store find and the hook where I hang my necklaces was left here from our ranches previous owner. We have salt lamps in each room to purify the air as well as plants. Most of our plants were either started by my Mama and brought out from Manitoba or purchased from Ikea. The little boho box was a Christmas gift from my friend and everything else is either thrifted or found in the field: aka the deer shed.


The wardrobe was a local buy and sell steal that we got years ago for next to nothing. It houses all of my dresses, bulky sweaters and all of Chads western shirts. We use the bottom drawer as a community sock drawer. The white dresser was an antique heirloom from Chads parents. On top of the wardrobe we have a bundle of sage that was a gift from my previous Boss Neil, a thrifted vase and my wedding sash. Simple, yet so inviting.

It is crazy how in your younger years you always think that you need to work harder and harder to buy ALL the things. That’s where true happiness is achieved…NO? Not in our case, we worked the full-time jobs in order to buy all the things and with more stuff came more anxiety, more clutter, more cleaning and less happiness.

The simple life, really is the best life.

Thank you for following along on this partial updated home tour. If you have any additional questions about the way we live or where we got something I would be more than happy to fill you in.

All my love & light always,


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