When I was pregnant with our sweet Oakley, I was looking for a localized place to ask Motherhood related questions in hopes of getting responses from other moms in the same season of life as me. I realized the specific group that I was longing for didn’t exist in our area, so what to do? But create one myself.


#MOMLIFE was born. It started slowly with a few members, increasing to hundreds of members in the first month. It became a beautiful, sacred space for women to support fellow women through their motherhood. I was sceptical at first that as the group increased drama would progress and things would go south.

To this day we now have well over 2000 local members and I have only ever had to remove one person from the group.

It has grown in ways I never thought imaginable.

We now have monthly business spotlights for our entrepreneurial mamas, to showcase their endeavours and passions to other mamas, while growing their businesses. We have an anonymous forum where individuals undergoing hard financial times can seek help in ways that will make their #momlife less stressful and most of all we have an absolutely beautiful community of women from all walks of life supporting each other through some of the most trying times of life.

There are lots of laughs, lots of advice and lots of love.

The point to my post is… if you are looking for something in life and aren’t finding what you need… create it.

Life is beautiful and I am so proud of the community of women that have come together to make life so much more enjoyable for everyone in the same seasons of life.

I hope you have a wonderful day Backwoods Followers.

Follow your dreams ❤


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