A Backwoods Opportunity


We are young entrepreneurs, we are a young family, we are ranch oriented, ranch raised and holistically minded.
We recently downsized our own bison herd in hopes of doing something completely different.


We now house all of our own ranch animals on our home quarter in hopes of finding the perfect individuals who have an influx of animals, whom want to expand their herd,  or maybe want to invest in bison for the first time to take advantage of this opportunity.

We are offering 200+ acres of beautiful game fenced, Alberta prairie grasslands for rent. We are striving to find someone who would like to invest in or expand their operation but doesn’t necessarily have the time nor head space to care for said animals. We can adequately provide care for 60 cow calf pairs in a low-stress, natural environment. We guarantee you that your animals will be cared for with the utmost respect and care as our own animals receive.

You provide the animals and we will handle the rest. We have an amazing handling system and have been known to raise animals that are quiet although they are raised in their natural environment. Prairie restoration is vital to our mission. Our land and animal practices are as close to natures intentions as possible. By giving our animals room to roam without overpopulating it helps the land become restored to health.

We are equipped to run our practice year round, including pasture, hay, minerals, grain if required as well as weaning, vaccinating and calving services. img_8096

If this is something that may interest you, I invite you to contact us personally either at backwoodsbuffaloranch@gmail.com or contact Chad direct at 7803059253

We look forward to hearing from you throughout our mission to preserve this beautiful bovine and invite you to visit our ranch to admire our land and systems.

Thank you for your time and interest.


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