A Few Small Changes for Baby #2


So how the heck are you guys ACTUALLY going to manage living in 600 sq. ft. with a baby and a toddler?

This is something that we hear on the daily and I am going to tell you our exact plans.

If you have seen our living room lately you would know it looks like this:


This is our tv stand and Oaks toy corner, but this is our future idea and I can’t wait to share with you!

In our bedroom we removed the closet to fit our sweet girls crib and change table just over a year ago.  We not only didn’t utilize the change table at all when Oak was a babe but we also didn’t utilize her crib until just recently because we co-slept throughout her entire breast feeding journey, which lasted over a year and often do so currently.

In our small bedroom, the following photo represents many of the aspects that are already there! The only thing we are going to add is an additional dresser which you can view below sourced from Ikea to house mine and Chads clothing, because we are ridding  of the open shelf we have stashed behind our bedroom door as well as the change table! WHY? Because we just don’t need them. We change our babies everywhere and anywhere. Our bedroom is a family room and it is completely utilized by each family member and represents each and everyone of us. It’s OUR space not a master bedroom. It’s family friendly and only houses the bare minimum.

This is our plan for the living room. We have a beautiful TV stand which we are going to keep just in case we do have the opportunity to expand our immediate living space one day and because we love it. The thing is with our tv stand: it’s under utilized, we recently binned up all of our DVDs because we don’t even have a DVD player in the house. So our TV stand currently houses, board games, books and Chads western movies which he wanted to keep in the house. We are going to replace our TV stand with the same dresser you previously saw in our bedroom. We are also going to switch out our TV that has a stand for our wall mounted one that we already own to use less of a footprint. Are you wondering whats going to be in the dresser? This is where we are going to store both girls clothing. Because we live in such a small space, we feel as though it will be very beneficial to us to house the girls clothing in the living room.

1. because we already change Oak in the living room.

2. Because if one girl is snoozing in the bedroom, we don’t have to wake them in order to change the other babe. This is a #momlife win for me. It is going to make my life SO much easier. Everything pictured below are things we already own and love, the only thing we have to switch out in this big transition from going from 3 to 4 is a DRESSER. How simple is that?

It isn’t hard to live comfortably in a small space even with multiple children and adults. If you want to know how we do it…. drop me a line below.

All my love ladies and gents,


2 Comments on “A Few Small Changes for Baby #2

  1. It’s really something how little we need – and how little space we need, for that matter – to thrive. ^_^


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