In the morning when you wake darlin’ you will have blessed us with 365 days of your beautiful presence.
After so many years of heartbreak we never imagined that we would be blessed with you. Looking into your tiny little face each day is absolutely surreal, yet feels like nothing has ever been different.


If I could go back in time and reassure my young self I would. I would tell myself to practice patience as all good things take time. I would tell myself that by enduring life’s many curve balls I would become stronger, love harder and experience astronomical growth within my relationships. I would reassure myself that empty feelings eventually get filled and lastly I would tell myself to enjoy life during each season because where you will be in five years will far exceed your wildest dreams.

You my girl are our missing piece, our greatest adventure and hands down the best thing that has ever happened to us. Life has never felt as good as the last year has felt with you. We get it now, (we being your daddy and I). We understand the years of frustration, tears, anger, jealousy,  hurt, pain and longing. There was always a plan waiting for us. She was the plan. She was meant for us and we were meant for her. She completes us and healed us. It’s always been you Oakley, you were the plan all along and we are so incredibly grateful that our plan was you.

No matter what challenges life has in store for you, sweet girl, we want you to know… we will always be standing beside you. Holding your hand and reassuring you that the greatest things in life do in fact take time.

You are our “greatest thing”.

Thank you for sharing the last 365 days with us.


Happy 1st Birthdays Oakley Els.

We love you with our entire beings.

Love Mom & Dad

2 Comments on “365

  1. Happy First Birthday Oakley 😻🐓🐈🐕🐖🐤🐥🐴🐮
    Love from Great grandma Tamara ♥️


    • Happy First Birthday Oakley!
      Love from Great Grandma Tamara ♥️


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