Just do you.

Our family has been struggling.

We have been struggling with trying to make people in our immediate life understand the lifestyle that we are striving for.

We do not want or need to live conventionally.
We are striving for a life filled with togetherness, raising children who are kind, generous and honest.

We want a life unconnected from technology, normal civilization and the chaos of the world.

It is hard to understand for some and that is okay. We do not expect you to understand we just want you to acknowledge what we are doing for ourselves.

Some people send their children to traditional school, we are not.
Some breast feed for a few short months or not at all, and I am almost breastfeeding a toddler.
Some people find joy in shopping for new items every week, we buy second hand.
Some people invest in daycare, we do not believe in having our children raised by someone else.
Some people believe in feeding their children what they desire, we believe in limited sugar and whole foods.

This is our personal decision and I just want YOU to know that we support you in everything your heart and aspirations are for your own family.

People will always question you regardless of what you do, so just do YOU my friends.

Make the decisions that are necessary for your own family, regardless of what you believe in,  you are doing the best you can and I see that.

P1020727 (2)

This is us, this is Backwoods.

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