There was a millennial living in a world where people have lost so many skills and the lack of needing to learn and pass on information is evident.

This millennial is me.

I too, went through a faze where the knowledge that I possessed was like a sacred territory to me and I felt as if I kept  it within my being that it somehow made me better or smarter than others… but really that frame of mind was only inhibiting me from building relationships and growing community.

I was naive.

I kept stacks of books that I had already read and would not and will not read again upon my shelves because I thought they would show people “just how much knowledge I really had.”

I was guarded. I had put up walls and felt a sense of security in the need to be the expert within my chosen interests.

I know that I possess a multitude of different knowledge and interests many other folks may not have,  but they too have sacred thoughts, knowledge and ideations that I wish encompassed my being.

I have come to a revelation lately that even as worldly or cultured that I may be at my age, I need to keep learning and growing through others.

This is where all millenials fail.

You DO NOT know it all.

Yes, you are very worldly in your 20 something years because of the multitude of experiences you have already withheld; living through the techniclogical advancements and the 90’s, but you do not possess the world.

I have found,  as of recent that learning and growing through others of all ages is the best thing that a person can do for their well-being and sense of self.

Letting down my walls is a revelation.

I am thankful for the knowledge bestowed upon me; the homesteading, sustainability and child raising skills I am learning on the daily. I am thankful for individuals that are duplicatable and open to sharing their life’s work.

I am no longer guarded.

I am open and ready for what the universe has in store for me and I hope you are as well.

There is and only will be, one you.

Let down those walls, open your mind, share your thoughts and become unguarded.



ps. Thankful


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