Life is a Curious thing.

IMG_0772Life is a beautiful, curious thing.

Some things always stay the same no matter what may be happening in ones life. The sun always rises and seasons always come and go but people change.

A year and a few months ago our world had crashed, we went through a trying time of job loss, oilfield recession and yet the one thing that we had been working towards for years still hadn’t happened.

And then through the heartache and pain something changed and we found out that we were finally expecting our very own tiny miracle.

The test finally read positive and our lives were changed forever.

The aching hearts and the missing piece to our life on the ranch was finally filled.

We started focusing on improving our health and living each day as though it was filled with promise for a better future.

Fast forward a few months and we found out that, that tiny glimpse of something better was-a girl. Although I could tell Chad had his hopes set on a boy, I knew a little girl was just what he and I both needed.

Watching your family evolve through the hardest of times into a life filled with promise and hope is the most surreal thing.

I watched my husband grow from a boy into a man destined to provide for his family through love, support and the willingness to succeed and educate himself through whatever fell across his path.


Fast forward and we are in a hospital room, 36 hours after my water had broke with Chad by my side and our moms waiting for the news.  I was determined that this little girl was coming into this world naturally and even on the verge of giving up, I still had my fight because life is a beautiful, curious thing.

I used every ounce of strength in my being to make sure I provided her with a healthy existence in my body and wanted the same for her as she took her first breath.

She finally came and was set on my chest and I cried, not because I was sad but because the thing I wanted most in life was finally here.


Her name is Oakley.


The nurses took her from me as the labour and delivery room turned to chaos. They handed my tiny bundle to her Daddy as shouts rang out of needing help. I was hemorrhaging and the blood loss was severe.

I had tears in my eyes and the only thing I could think was “my family is finally complete, with every other loss this year please do not take this from me.”

I looked over at Chad as I was surrounded by a medical team and saw fear in eyes that said “don’t leave me I cannot do this alone.” All I could think was “we’ve come this far and worked so hard, I’m not leaving you now my love.”

I was stabilized.

I am here.

And through the chaos, fear and undeniable love, we knew everything would be okay.

Days later my mom told me that as the grandmas were patiently waiting for the arrival of our tiny miracle, there was another family on our ward.

They were sisters, who kept occupying the white bleached halls of the hospital as well. They were tired and had tear stricken faces as everyone in our anxious party did. They were waiting for something to happen just like us, but it was different. They were waiting for their mom to finally let go.

They stayed in that bright lit atmosphere waiting, holding her hand,  scared and inconsolable just as mine and Chads mama’s did.

Upon hearing this story I broke down and cried because I knew as this woman took her last breath, our baby girl took her first.

There is an old saying that’s states as one life comes into this world  one must leave to make room for the next.

I am thankful every single day for the pain and emotion this family went through because I know their mama’s life made room for our little girl.

We got to leave the hospital with our new tiny miracle in tow and those sisters left with promises to do well in their lives on their lips.

We are now living our lives through their story because as struggle arises we still have one another.

We know that our baby girl is now living her journey through someone who she doesn’t and will not ever get the opportunity to meet footsteps’.

She is beautiful and her name is Oakley.

Live each day with passion, forgiveness and the willingness to succeed.

Because my friends, life is a curious thing.

This is us, this is BackwoodsIMG_0770

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