The Best Homemade All Purpose Cleaner



We are well on our journey to living a more purposeful life through both minimalism and self sufficiency by reusing, recycling, repurposing and living off our land.

I thought I would share one of my newest reusing skills in making my own cleaners.

Its so simple and the fact that it’s almost free, it works and also smells great is the bonus.

1. Eat a citrus fruit- here we used an orange but you can also use lemons and grapefruit!

2. Save the peel.

3. Find a clean Mason jar.

4. Put your peels saved from the fruit you ate into the jar.

5. Fill half and half with water and vinegar.

6. Let sit for a week.

7. Strain the liquid through a cheese cloth or thin strainer.

8. Put back into your Mason jar or glass container with a nozzle.

9. Feel good about your reusing skills.

10. Use as an everyday all purpose cleaner!



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