5 Reasons to Shop Local

Reasons to shop local-2.png

Piece of Mind
Buying local is healthier for you. You can taste the difference from the freshness of locally raised foods but you can also feel the difference in the way that your body processes the food. Knowing where your meat comes from and how it is raised is crucial for your satisfaction as a consumer. Getting to know your local farmers and knowing their practices will ensure that you are buying and consuming foods that are free from added hormones, antibiotics, preservatives and/or chemicals.

Helps local Economy
Buying your meats from your local farmer or rancher is essential to keep your community growing and thriving. Shopping local keeps 4 times the amount of money in your community’s economy compared to shopping at chains. Buying from your local farmers helps keep farmers in business. There are less and less small family run farms, the backbone of what built North America. Without the support of our local communities we are more than likely to end up with factory farms.

Greater Appreciation
Knowing where your food comes from and the work that goes into producing it gives you a greater appreciation. This day in age we can get lost in the ease of our food system and have become less mindful of the food we consume and in turn take it for granted. Buying local helps you connect to your food source while building a relationship with your local farmer. “Know your farmer, know your food.”

Natural Practices
Livestock raised on smaller scale farms are typically raised in smaller herds which makes it easier to respect and value the lives of each animal while using humane practices. The animals typically get to be raised in a more natural, low-stress environment where they are able to forage and get adequate exercise and in turn provide healthier more flavourful meat.

Saves you Money
Believe it or not buying meat from your local farm or ranch can save you money. Buying a quarter, side or full animal is an economical way of filling your freezer while supporting your local rancher. Set a menu and budget and talk with your local farmer about the best options for your family.  Buying meat in bulk may seem like a huge investment at the time of purchase but if you have the freezer space buying a lot of meat at one time will significantly chop down the price per pound.

We at Backwoods Thank You for Shopping Locally.







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