Hello long-lost Backwoods followers. Thank you for sticking around even in my absence. You may have noticed multiple updates to our website throughout the last week.  I’m proud to say I’m back with new inspiration and motivation behind why I started this beautiful space in the first place. We have endured many changes in the last year including  our families focus on health and wellness and living with less on our continual journey to becoming self-sufficient in all aspects of our lives. I have also gained inspiration to share some more of our life as new parents and our experience with attachment parenting. Of course I will continue to share insights into our daily life on the Backwoods Ranch as well.

Without further adieu let me re-introduce you to the readers digest version of my life.
My name is Laurie Catherine Trigg or Laur.
I’m not pregnant anymore but I love this photo and also love being pregnant.

I am the boss lady at the place we call the Backwoods Buffalo Ranch.
If you are wondering what being the boss lady on a bison ranch looks like on the daily, I’ll fill you in.

I spend my days leisurely counting mass amounts of money and taking majestic photos of our creatures. 

A girl can dream, okay?

I actually spend my days; collecting and washing eggs, choring for the horses and small animals, baby wrangling, dreaming up sustainability practices, researching and educating myself on everything health & wellness, purging unnecessary stuff and cooking home cooked meals for my hard-working hubby.
I am mama to one human baby, whose name is Oakley and multiple fur and feather friends.
I have a love and admiration for my animals deeper than anyone I know…but still understand that at the end of the day they are food. I take great pride in giving our animals the most comfortable lives from birth to their one bad day when they are sacrificed to feed families.

I was homeschooled for the majority of my life…perhaps that explains my tendencies of being a little bit hippie, a tad bit country, with an old soul and a side of wild.

I grew up in rural Manitoba and have agriculture bred into my soul through my deep prairie roots.

I like to sing, sew, craft, dance, meditate and read.
I like being connected to nature.
Yellow is my favourite colour, I have a fascination with the holocaust, retro western fashion is my forte and I have a mild obsession with holistic health practices and essential oils. I believe in eating whole foods, minimal sugar and drinking lots of water. I suffered from anxiety but rarely do anymore as I was honest with myself and got help.

I like people but I actually prefer to spend my time alone.
We live in a shouse- a shop with 600 sq. ft. of living quarters inside.
I guess you can say we were tiny house living, before tiny house living was cool.

I am the middle of three girls and was my parents nemesis as a child.
I have a diploma in child and youth care but found out I actually prefer to work with teens.

I eat fruits and veggies in a capsule on the daily and stay up way later than I should.
I enjoy butchering bison and eating bison- although I was a vegetarian for three years.

I am a Jill of many trades, expert of none.
I spend the majority of my time making up voices for my animals and re-watching Harry Potter because we don’t have tv nor internet.. and I like it that way.

I also have two dogs.
Ruger and Rooster.
They are an unlikely pair as one is a Cane Corso and one is a Wheeler.

I am married to my best friend and am happiest when I’m at home.

I am a work in progress and change on the daily.

Welcome to the crazy, wonderful, humble, adventure I call my life.

I’m happy you are still here.



6 Comments on “Re-Introduction

  1. Great story! As a non-hippie, I love reading about your hippie ways and secretly wish I could be a part time hippie lol! So nice to have met you through #momlife


    • Wow thanks Jane!

      Technology is so neat by helping us to cross paths with people who may not have otherwise. Thanks for reading my post and I hope I can continue to inspire you with my out there-ness ❤️



  2. I’m loving your blog Laurie! You are certainly an old soul! Wise beyond your years. You make an instant impression with your honesty and positivity.😊


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