I know you wanna…

It is not going to come as a shocker that I love shopping and fashion. 

Being a ranch wife, going into a non-traditional mat leave (one with no pay) and only having the funds from my Juice Plus business that are already covering my Volkswagen payments, I have $0 to shop or splurge. 

Being that I am who I am I find ways around financial obstacles to add new seasonal fashion to my wardrobe. Thrifting, repurposing and supporting friends businesses are some of these ways! 

I have always been one that likes home parties. I like that you can now even have them online, from the comfort of your couch and support your friends from two provinces away! 

I also like that you can have a girls night, with tons of great food, laughs and visits-all while checking out amazing products ❤️ 

I buy my makeup, skin care, reusable containers, whole food nutrition, candles, essential oils, spices and jewelry all through my friends and family members. I love the fact that all of these direct sales companies not only have unbelievable products, but each purchase is appreciated and you feel like a valued customer. Supporting my friends on their business journeys is very important to me. My pay checks come from a direct sales company and it has changed my life, the lives of those around me and helps guarantee that I have a reliable vehicle for when Baby Backwoods arrives this week ❤️

If you’re tight on funds or not, one of the best ways to get some new swag is to throw a party, whether online or in home. The hostess rewards add up with each purchase and you would be surprised what you will be gifted with in the end. I had a Stella & Dot online party a few weeks ago, to support my friend Kiah who resides in Manitoba on her new venture!!! It was her first online party and mine too! I was so pleased with the amazing pieces I received and will definitely be having another one in the future! Maybe in home next time… Then my girl will be obligated to visit 😉

I had a few people ask what I picked with my hostess rewards from my party, so I thought I would share the details on our blog! 

Everything from Stella & Dot comes in the cutest boxes that have little messages when you open them. 

I chose six pieces with the last one being my all time favourite New piece of jewelry. Chad always bugs me that “I always have a new favourite”… What can I say my style changes with my home decor 😂

The first 2 pieces I picked were the “Cady Wrap Bracelet” in “gold” $59 & the “Maylee Ring” in gold $34! 

Then I picked three pairs of earrings…I’m a big earring fan. The “déjà vu studs” in turquoise and pearl can be worn two ways and are $39 each! The “sentiment stone drops” will be perfect to wear around the holidays and are on sale right now for $29.40 a pair!!!! 

I love how versatile all of the Stella & Dot pieces are! Pictured above is my Cady Wrap Bracelet with three bracelets I already previously owned, talk about an arm party! 

Now for my most favourite piece!!! I am all about the engravables. I purchased a piece from Stella & Dot months ago that was an engravable and it adourns the word “mama” it is very special to me and can be worn with my new engravable. There is nothing more important to me than my family & friends…except my ranch. It runs on the same spectrum with the things I love most. With that being said… My new “BWB” signature engravable disc necklace. 

The Signature Engravables run from $69! 

I’m sure this post has made that money in your wallet start throbbing 😉 if you are looking to buy a couple new pieces for yourself or start that holiday shopping, I encourage you to hit up my friend Kiah! She is so helpful and is just an overall beautiful soul, that deserves YOU as a customer. 


This post is not at all sponsored, I just wanted to share my love for Stella ❤️❤️❤️ 

Happy Friday My Friends. 

Ps. Baby Backwoods should be here any day! We can’t wait for you to meet her!!! 



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