Backwoods Baby Tree

September is just days away which means that our sweet girls arrival is just around the corner. She is due to arrive on the 23 but with her size our doctor says she could potentially come any day. We had the most amazing photo shoot with our dear friend Sam of SJOriginals last night and we cannot wait to show them to you all. Let’s just say the shoot involved chickens, pigs, horses, pups, bison, tiny moccasins, our river and the most beautiful sunset ❤️❤️❤️ 

Today I thought I would share a tradition that we started and will continue with each of our babies ❤️ 

We are doing something called the “Backwoods Babies Trees” because we believe is connecting ourselves to nature through the soil we call home. 

For each child that we have we are planting a tree in their honour. 

Together as a family we are going to watch each child and tree alike, grow and flourish. 

We are going to nurture them and hope with our whole hearts that they will be prosperous in life.

We hope that the roots we give them will always keep them grounded and help them to know that they can always call Backwoods Ranch home. 

We hope that they will be content with their natural beauty.

We know that like trees our children will be unique and have character. They will learn values from their beautiful roots. They will stand tall and proud and go out on limb for what they believe in. They will learn to accept change just as the leaves change with the seasons. 

They will know that with their deep roots there will be no reason for them to fear any storm that may come their way. 

It is in the shelter of each other that people live and with that we are creating a forest. 

We know with our whole hearts and down into the deepest parts of our souls that our best adventures await. 

We are so ecstatic to have the opportunity  to learn a brand new kind of love. 



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