Shout Out

January 13 2016, a Wednesday. A day I will never forget. A day where everything I worked so hard for my entire life got taken away. My dream of educating youth on the importance of not using emotional, physical or sexual assault. The 30,000 dollar student loan I’m still currently paying. Having an “actual” career. When you read the following you are going to be like… “But wait, didn’t she say she went to school to educate youth on some pretty important topics?” Yeah you read that right… I should have went to school in hopes of learning how to educate children, youth and adults on the importance of not telling lies… But there is still time for that.

To the teenage girls who lied, thank-you. Thank-you from the bottom of my heart for lying to your parents. Thank you for telling them that I beat up an underage girl, at a rural skating rink, with a hockey stick and cowboy boots. Thank you for not considering that your underage lies could greatly impact someone’s life and career. Someone who would have had your back no matter what, who would have picked you up drunk from that party had you needed a ride and still to this day doesn’t blame you for what happened to me.

To the parents that called my work to complain. Thank you for not considering that your intoxicated minor could have been dispelling garbage rumours from their very misled judgmental mouths. Thank you for glorifying the fact that you are from a small town and have absolutely nothing better to do, than not minding your business about a situation in which you did not see with your eyes… You only heard it from the mouths of your children whom turns out like you, weren’t at the rink either… Questionable. But thank you.

To the co-workers whom I considered some of my best friends. Thank you so much for putting the horrendous rumours from intoxicated minors mouths before the truth from one of your owns hearts. Thank you for justifying and believing every single opinion but mine. Thank you for not having my back once.

To the co-worker who lied to ei and told them I was the one who started the entire situation… Thank-you.

Last but not least… To the “friends” that thought it was funny that I lost my career and my lively hood and didn’t show one ounce of support… Thank you!

Now here’s what you want to know…I was in fact at the rink that Friday night. I skated, laughed and played hockey with some of the individuals mentioned above.  I had a great evening with my friends and their children. Then when we were getting ready to get off the ice a fight broke out. My best friend whom is my husband was in that fight. Two people that were over 18 in a fight… We live in rural Alberta, this happens… Everywhere. Someone ran over to the rink and told me what was happening and when the other guys 16 year old girlfriend started kicking my husband in the face with boots on… (The same face that was shattered in multiple places just a few short years before) I panicked… I couldn’t get my skates off fast enough, I had someone grab me some boots and I ran over. I ran over and pulled that girl off but damage had already been done. I pulled her away to late my best friends nose was already broken. I did what anyone would have done I helped my loved one, stood up for my family. I didn’t beat you with a hockey stick or cowboy boots… You know & everyone who was there knows that I didn’t beat you… At all. You have openly admitted it, but you admitted it too late, because someone’s life was already changed…mine, my life was changed. At the time I was mad and angry. I was confused, lost & broken.

Fast forward 6 months…I am the most thankful person on the planet. Why you ask? Because those lies have opened my eyes, heart and soul in ways I never thought imaginable. I know how to love again and most importantly how to forgive. I realized how sorry I feel for people who have never been out of this town. People who have never experienced anything bigger than small town gossip and the chance to be the first in the “know.” I realized how important distilling proper morals and values into children actually are. I learned how as a community we need to give our children and youth something bigger than boozing every weekend to live for. I learned that karma is more real than we will ever know and how great it is to watch her work her magic. I learned how investing years of your life into something that doesn’t make you truly happy is just not worth it… Quit that job my friend… It’s not going to get better. I learned that the mission statements of organizations are only as true as those who work in the environment. In my case “to create a safe and supportive environment by providing shelter, programs and education to enhance the quality of life of individuals and families.” Hmmm. I know personally even as being a person on “the team” I never once felt safe or supported in that environment. The way you lock clients in the shelter and gossip about them behind closed doors says nothing about creating a safe, supportive home like environment  where people can heal or grow.  People will start to see through those judgemental glass walls you live behind, give it time. I truly believe that you cannot help others until you have been healed yourselves, which is true even in my situation. With the constant weight loss struggles, addiction, marriage issues,  hiding money issues, children who are so far gone there’s no getting them back… I could go on and on but it’s not my deal. I just hope that each and everyone of you can find it within yourself to stop comparing yourselves to others, stop thinking that you’re better… You are not. You are human, you breathe and sleep and have blood running through your veins now if only you could find it in your hearts to connect with your soul and remind yourselves about why you do what you do in the first place,  every single woman who walks through that door could benefit from your knowledge… But not with you like this. I thought you had taken my educator voice from me… But little did I know at the time you pushed me even deeper into my soul and made me want to share every ounce of knowledge that I have with the world. When you lied to ei you gave me one of the best gifts in the world… Financial struggle. With financial struggle came the best career move I could have ever made. I now get to share my love for nutrition and health and growth. I get to empower women, men and children. I get to help them make residual income and become their best selves. I now know what it feels like to be supported, empowered and part of an actual “team.” I can say I did it all on my own without the help from the government and I am proud of that.

I have learned how to immerse myself with the good and rid of the bad. I have zero anxiety, addictions, depression, sickness or feelings of not being good enough. I wish the health, happiness, love, gratitude and pure self actualization that I have found to all the underage girls, the parents, the co-workers and so called friends who are not a part of my life because it was you that helped me become my absolute best self I have ever been.

Just know that the girl whom you lied about, didn’t believe and ultimately fired.. Thanks you.



4 Comments on “Shout Out

  1. One of the most powerful things I have ever read. It gave me goose bumps. I’m 66 years old and I know struggles made by people are the hardest ones to overcome. The ones we make for ourselves are easy to get over but those who try to ruin us for no reason are hard to fix. You will have many more struggles but with your attitude and guts , you will come through with shining colours. Bless you and your best friend. Karma is a bitch and those who don’t think so have never had her sneak up on them!! Keep on loving….Peace✌️😘

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