Making a life.

If you feel as though you haven’t seen us lately, don’t feel bad as know one has. 

Our life has been on the highest of speeds lately and a lot of changes and projects are half done waiting for this crazy thing called time to get them completed. 

I feel as though I have a million things to accomplish but between work and sleep the list for tomorrow keeps growing. 

We have taken a lot on this year and I believe a lot of that stems directly from wanting everything to be in place so we can slow down and enjoy once our precious little soul arrives. Say NO now, to say YES later.

You may be wondering about the happenings that are going on around here so I’ll take a few moments to fill you in ❤️ Chad started a new job with the local Natural Gas company. He is working Monday to Friday for the first time in our lives together. It’s a good switch, I’m so happy to have him home at night and on the weekends. I’m working at our friend Neil’s Bison Ranch. I am a glorified side cutting, meat wrapping, order taking, farmers market going Buffalo Gal and I love every minute of it. With the farmers markets I work long hours every weekend and come home to do nothing but eat and sleep but I really enjoy them. I like being involved in such a diverse atmosphere, defiantly my kind of vibe. Music, good food, good people, nothing better. I also have jumped head first into a new journey promoting healthy living through a whole food product. It has done many beneficial things for our family and I’m continuing on,harder than ever in hopes of continuing to make a residual income while not working and enjoying some bambino time. I’m feeling absolutely great so far and have really been enjoying and cherishing every moment of pregnancy with my little wildflower. Baby girl moves around tons and gives us some pretty great laughs. ❤️ 

Our house… Nesting also known as destroying everything in sight…

I have decided that the whole house needs to be repainted, new baseboards and cleaned, cleaned, cleaned. I have an obsession with only using natural products in our home and have really loved all the Eco-friendly changes we have made. Our room & the bathroom have been finished so far. Next days off the kitchen and hallway are getting tackled 😬 sorry babe.

Now for the ranch… We took on some extra bison heifers for the summer. All of our bison are doing great and the calves are growing like weeds. We lost two foals this year but have three happy and healthy babes. Our yearling and two year olds are growing and filling out like crazy. I can’t wait to see what they are going to become ❤️ Miss Candy has the summer off as Chad won’t let me ride her… Humph. Hondo, Calamity and the chickens have really enjoyed being allowed to free-range. Seeing them in the most natural of habitat makes my heart happy. We added forty new chicks and four ducklings to our flock as well. Egg business has been great and we will continue to market and sell our eggs. We finally had some extra money to fix all of our kitty’s that are going to be lifers, so three full growns and no more kittens for us. Rooster and Ruger as always are the heart throbs of our ranch and make us laugh and smile on the daily. If you want to see a funny duo just come on over and check out the wiener dog and cane Corso pair. We also added something completely new to the ranch, my friend Shelley and I got bees! We are learning so much about them already and are really looking forward to our first honey crop ❤️ Something about having your on pollinators is so cool! We also put in a massive garden this year in which with all this rain and lack of time has been taken over by lovely plants… I’m not into calling wildflowers weeds 😂 we have been getting it under control this past week. Chad and his dad have also been working hard at doing some landscaping in our yard. New fences, trees cleared, windbreak etc. We have decided this mess is going to look so great by the time baby girl is going to highschool 😂😂😂 

You may think our hands are full but believe me, our hearts are fuller. We wouldn’t change a single day of this amazing, crazy, blessed, beautiful life. 

Love you and miss you all. 



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  1. So glad you are happy Laurie. Love GMa xxxx💐💐💐💐💐

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