Kananaskis Retreat

I have found out first hand lately that good things do indeed happen to those who work for them. 

I have been working extremely hard to better myself for my baby, my husband, my family, my friends, my animals and most importantly myself. I have been working to better my physical and mental health and it has been paying off. 

Just over a month ago I started sharing my journey with an amazing whole food company and all of things it has done for my health and my family financially. Never in a million years did I think that sharing my story would lead me to win a FREE ticket to a health & healing retreat in Kananaskis! 

When I found out I was brought to tears because it was a realization that I am well on my way to becoming the person I want to be in the way I want to get there. 

I’ve been selfish with my time lately & how I spend it. Saying no and sticking up for myself. I have to tell you… It is so worth it. Be selfish, do it for you! 

Because I am a constant over packer… And anyone that knows me personally will agree… I thought I would share what’s on my list to take with me this weekend in case any of the other ladies that are joining me are struggling with what to pack… Or are over packers as well. 
On my list I have:

-yoga mat

-some healthy snacks

-a good reusable water bottle

-rain coat (it rains a lot in Kananaskis) 

-my sanuk yoga sandals


-yoga mist spray ( creates a pleasant vibe)

-some leggings

-and somewhere to record my thoughts 

What would you bring on this amazing experience? 

I hope you all have an amazing positive week. 

Much love. 


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