More than Little Pink Boots

25 years ago my mama gave birth to a little girl and 25 years later I’m going to have a little girl of my own. 

My mom is one of the most thoughtful people I know. I’m sure that when she decided to save all of my sweet little baby knits and dresses so many years ago she never thought that they would mean as much as they do to me today. 

I have a love for everything with meaning, with a story and these sweet little baby items have some of the greatest stories around. They are the greatest stories because they are filled with my stories. The stories of “our” little girls mama. 

My mama labeled and packaged all of these amazing little dresses and knits and sent them to Alberta with my baby sissy. I have been swooning over them since I opened the bag. Florals, lace, eyelit, knits. Pink, white and yellow. All in pristine condition and filled with love. 

It was just today when I thanked my mama again that I mentioned… “I could just see her wearing these little dresses with rubber boots, those pink rubber boots I had when I was little.” My mom responds with “I’ve got your boots, I couldn’t get rid of those are you kidding me? I bronzed them though and hung them from my rear view mirror.” You see those boots put my mama in all kinds of predicaments. 

It all began when we went to town to make donations to the thrift store, my mom called that it was time to go and I come “strutting” to the front of the store with little pink rubber boots in place of my brand new reeboks that we’re now lying in… And I quote “the stinky old shoe pile at the back of the thrift store.” I asked my mom what was next in the story of the little pink rubbers? She says “what’s next? Is you NEVER took them off.” I guess that’s when my love for thrifting and a good bargain began. I believe that is also when my love for rubber boots began too as I can often be found sporting a pair to this day. 

Those little pink rubbers made a lot of miles and once got me in trouble for playing in the grainery when I wasn’t supposed too… Because the missing boots were clear evidence that I had been where I wasn’t supposed to be… But I sure got my punishment when I had to wait for most of the grain to be used to be able to wear my special little boots again ❤️ 

All I can say Mamas is take notes from the gesture my mama so generously thought of because now those little pink boots are going to be strutting around on the teenie little feet of a teenie little girl once again. Take pride in what you have and never hope for more, because a lot of the time the little things in life are the big things. 

Just like these little. Pink. Rubber. Boots.  


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