Eco-Friendly Babe

Hello Backwoods Followers and Happy Friday! 

As you may know the living quarters in our shop are just big enough to house the soon to be three of us Triggs! Baby Backwoods will be joining us in our master and that will be a huge transition for us! I will share some more of our bedroom sharing ideas again soon. With having very little space we have decided to only invest in products that we will get a lot of use out of and won’t take up much space. We are also trying to go all natural and Eco-friendly as much as possible. We are transitioning our own lifestyle to be more natural and that will include babe too! We are trying to buy from small businesses, mom & pop shops and locally made as well! Today I thought I would share some of the amazing Instagram accounts that we have been following and hope to purchase from soon 🙂 

1. @LOULOULOLLIPOPFINERY : designed and handmade in Canada! They have some super adorable silicone, food shaped teethers and paci holders! Did I mention that when I say food shaped I mean… Ice Cream and Donut shaped!!! 

2. @lifefactory : they make bpa free, glass baby bottles! They come in a couple different sizes and multiple different colours! I am hoping to nurse my babe, but will be purchasing some of these for back up and for date nights! I’m a big fan of these! 

3. @tubbytodd : 100% all natural bath & body products that work! A blossoming company that started after creating products to use on their own family! Made in the USA 

4. @lovesakurabloom : I’m all for baby wearing and the fact that this US company uses all natural fibers has me even more intrigued. They have a variety of different colours and fabrics, I can’t wait to order ours! 

5. @finneandflora : a mama creating teethers that the mama wears and the baby chews! I absolutely love all of The Finne and Flora products! Made with BPA free silicone! 

6. @fawndesign : a diaper bag that converts from messenger style to a backpack! It literally looks like a purse and can fit into anyone’s lifestyle! The possibilities are endless with this bag! It can be used before, during and after baby! It comes in a variety of colours and they often bring out limited edition colours as well! 

7. @archerandantlers : I found this shop by fluke and I’m so glad I did! This shop sells clothing, swaddles etc. out of organic cotton. The prints are amazing and are totally up my ally! But I think the best news of all about this shop is… The products are handmade in Calgary, AB! I love handmade and local!!! 

Please take the time to check out some of these killer shops and support them of you can! I am all for handmade, local, organic, natural and environmentally friendly!

Are there any shops or products that you absolutely love that I should know about? Please share ❤️ 



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