My Pregnancy Must Haves

Hi Everyone! 

It’s been awhile, I haven’t forgotten about my blog, we have just been super busy! The farmers markets have started up and I am in full swing at my job at the bison ranch, we have been working to get our garden in, waiting for baby animals to arrive and finishing baby girls portion of our bedroom! Yes, baby backwoods is a girl!!! We couldn’t be more excited 🙂 I had the shear privilege of feeling her practice her dance moves until 3 am last night! Hopefully she is able to rip up the dance floor like her mommy and daddy ❤️ 

I have a ton of fellow preggo friends right now and I thought it would be neat to share my all time favourite things that are helping me have a healthy, happy pregnancy! 

If you haven’t tried some of these products I highly recommend that you do so! 

1. Juice Plus is my number one!!! With over 30+ different fruits and veggies, these amazing capsules help baby backwoods and I get a whole lot of nutrition with one simple step! They have helped to keep my immunity strong and my energy up! I just absolutely love that they are safe for me and babe because they are literally fruits & veggies that’s it! 

2. Healing Stone Jewelry and Crystals: these help me to sleep better & keep my nightmares at bay. My lava rock bracelet is also compliments my essential oil use greatly because I can put an oil of my choice on it and it will stay for upwards of 4 days! 

3. Essential Oils: we are working tirelessly to make our home as natural as possible, not only for baby but us too! I personally love re-using and recycling and using products that are safe for my entire family. Essential oils fit perfectly into our lives as we transition on this crazy health journey! My favourites are Young Living Essential Oils in Lavender, Peace & Calming and Lemon. 

4. Sage: I like to have sage on hand to burn in our bedroom before bedtime if I feel need be. It helps me with nightmares and falling into a REM sleep. 

5. Sunscreen: is an absolute must have for me as I am prone to burn. I work outside a lot of the time and depend on my sunscreen to shield those uv rays! I like this neutrogena product as its not greasy, compared to some other sunscreens. 

6. Arbonne CC Cream: this product was introduced to me a few months ago… And I literally do not know what I did without it before. This product blends perfectly with my skin tone, it’s not greasy, has full coverage and is light!!! I love every single Arbonne product that I have tried but this one is nearing the top… Along with their primer and mascara. 

7. A good bra: okay this is wild… I have spent countless amounts of money on bras in my lifetime… Only to not be happy with them and go out and buy another. I got fitted for the first time just recently and was surprised to find out… That I had been buying bras two cup sizes too small. The Body by Victoria Secret Bra now owns my heart! Go get fitted and then purchase this bra, you will not be disappointed. It’s like a hammock on a beach in Mexico for your tatas! 

8. Converse: these bad boys are slip ons… With elastic in the back! They are amazing, my legs, my back and my heart love them! 

9. David’s Tea: it’s hands down my favorite. It gives me the extra energy I need in the morning and relaxes me at night! The staff at David’s Tea are always super helpful and steer you in the right direction of exactly what your looking for! My favorited from David’s are: cream of earl grey, forever nuts and bear trap ❤️ 

10. Kiehls Lip Balm: comes in a tube, has many different scents, feels amazing!!! 
If you have questions about any of these products or where to purchase please let me know! I just love sharing the things I can’t live without ❤️ 
Have a happy Thursday my friends ❤️ 

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