Baby Backwoods Nursery Inspiration

Baby Backwoods Nursery Inspiration
Happy Thursday Friends!
It seems winter has hit Backwoods Country again and we are happy about it! 
Our fields are in need of the moisture. 
If you have been to our ranch you will know that we live in 600 odd square feet of living space within our shop. The living space has one bedroom, one bathroom, a living room and kitchen. So your probably wondering where in the heck are they gonna put a nursery? Well I’ll tell you! 
We were forced to re-do our room after Christmas due to moisture in the walls. When we re-did it we decided to rip out the closet space… And I’ll tell you that was one of the best decisions we ever made! It makes our room feel a bajillion times bigger (okay slight exaggeration) but seriously bigger!!! Hallelujah!!! 
So where the closet space was… Is where the crib and change table now sit. 
So far it is working out wonderfully to have a shared master/nursery! 
We have been dreaming up and working on creating the most perfect little space for our Baby Backwoods since we received the news! 
Our theme regardless of girl or boy is Cowboys and Indians… I know how fitting… 
We have collected some pretty neat things this far and are excited to see how it turns out! 
Behind the crib we are creating a gallery wall with the tipi shelf that Chad made, some sweet bison prints we picked up at the bison conference, a metal “T” I found at Anthro in Manitoba and some various other cowboy/Indian art pieces we have kicking around. 
For the crib bedding I’m hoping to make most it with he help of Baby Backwoods very talented Grandma Tammy who is an amazing quilter/sewer. I have been telling her to sell her stuff for years but she prefers to spend her time making beautiful gifts for her loved ones. She made me a beautiful bison wall-hanging for Christmas that will most likely make its way into the nursery space as well. 
We have found a few things to add finishing touches to the nursery such as a faux sheepskin rug, a set of cactus string lights and a sweet Bison Stuffy. 
I’m sure the nursery inspiration will change a billion times before the arrival of sweet baby backwoods, as I have a problem with leaving decor alone… But I’ll be sure to let you know what changes! 
Now the wait… 
What were some of your most favourite things you had in your nursery?! 

3 Comments on “Baby Backwoods Nursery Inspiration

  1. I am so excited for you Laurie and Chadd. When we were expecting our second baby,Your Grandpa and I had everything blue, expecting and wishing for a boy. We had everything blue,but Grandma Pett brought over a pink hat just in case it was a girl. Thank goodness we had the pink hat because the baby was your Auntie Janet. A very big welcomed surprise for everyone. So make sure you have one pink or blue item just in case. Love Great Grandma Wetherall xxx💙💖


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