the weight

So if you follow me on social media you have probably already heard that our Tribe is growing by one this September! 

 We have been waiting for this moment for years and the time has finally come and we are over the moon excited for our little cowboy or cowgirl to arrive. 

In January I literally felt like everything I’ve worked so hard for my entire life was taken from me and my life was over… Turns out my life had only just begun. A weight was lifted this January. A weight filled with stress, hatred and negativity that stemmed from toxicity. 

Everything that I thought was important in my life has drastically changed in mere months. My focus is on my true loves The Backwoods Ranch and my family. 

This whole experience proved to me that Good things do in fact come to Good people, just give em time. 

Happiness is truly where you find peace within yourself. 

I’m on the right road. 

We’re on the right road, all three of us.

All my love.


One Comment on “the weight

  1. Dear Laurie: I am truly glad you have found peace in your life and can finally prepare for your new member arriving to your ranch and family. The weight has been lifted off your shoulders and now you can wait for your new arrival. I wish you and Chad all the happiness In the world. Love your Gma. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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