Beat to your own drum. 

Trying to find words. 
Words to mask the confusion and tears. 

What I’ve been doing for nearly two weeks. 

Not expecting them to come like wild fire at 3 a.m. But when The creative mind spins, it spins. 
When I wrote my post about focus and the year 2016 I did not foresee many things that have occurred but I have managed to find the good in each situation. 

First of all my patience, morals, dignity and loyalty were tested when a horrible situation occurred that put my family in a mess. 
From this situation I learned that my previous listed qualities lie directly within my family and that’s where they shall always lie. 

Because of this said situation Rumours and deceitful lies were spread about me, that weren’t only untrue, but appalling. 
Because of these things I lost my job, a part of my soul and the respect for people I thought were my friends. 
My job was not only a job but a career that I poured love and passion into every single day. 
A career that I was gifted at. A career where i created and implemented programs for people in ways others didn’t know how. I was a role model, friend and honest listening ear too many youth in and around my surrounding communities. 

The positive out of this situation, is that there will be new opportunities where I can show my love and passion for inspiring and guiding young people. 
Some of these opportunities have already been paved before me through my blog, love for farming and believing there is good in this sometimes cruel world. 

When teaching the youth in the schools, one of the number one things I always made sure they took with them was: “knowing that one of the most important things you can do for someone who was brave enough to disclose something…. Is BELIEVE them.” 

I promise to always let others tell their story, because i now know how it feels to feel as though speaking silence is realistic…feeling unheard is probably one of the most crippling feelings anyone could experience. 

I have also witnessed the true meaning of resiliency, yes it is defined as the ability of being able to bounce back, but I think it has to do with finding and replacing the lost parts of your soul.

In the last two weeks I have been doing a lot of soul searching and though I haven’t found all of the missing pieces, I am sure they are lying within my next adventure. 


Basically 2016 I would just like to say… I am going to find the good in you yet… Test me. Watch me. Learn to Laugh with me not at me. But Let me move you. Let me show you how wild and free my soul is becoming. Let me show you how much I am growing and moving. My adventures are just beginning and my voice will never go unheard again. My family is full of soldiers of strength and within the cracks in our path you will find where our love and loyalty lies. 

If you have an untold story and are having trouble finding your voice, just know that I hear you and believe you. Never give up sharing your passions no matter what the circumstance. 

Instead of focusing on what we don’t have, let’s focus on what we do have. 

Bring it on 2016, let’s focus on the truth. 

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