An open letter to the hunter that could have killed me…

So as we all know November 1st marks opening day of Rifle in Alberta.
It’s a very exciting time for all the avid huntsmen & women out there!
But it also means there are a lot of yahoos from all over the place coming out to rural locations to scour some prime hunting land and ultimately being able to fill their freezer for the year.

This is not a problem.
I repeat the above is not a problem.

We love hunting… Chad especially loves hunting & he’s darned good at it.
If you have a passion for hunting and you have PERMISSION to hunt in a certain place, by all means shoot it up.

However it does become a problem when…
You illegally shoot on people’s property, where you don’t have permission.
Or when you are illegally shooting from the road.

I bet this morning you never once thought that as you pulled that trigger in hopes to score the ultimate Buck, that you could have instead killed someone’s Daughter, Sister, Granddaughter or Wife.

When I woke this morning and saw the look on the sweet girls face in my living room. It was a look of fear.
As she exclaimed, “I think someone shot the house!” I quickly said “Someone was probably hunting in the quarters behind us and with the river right there, sound radiates.”

Well I soon found out it wasn’t sound radiating.
While at work I get a picture, from that same sweet girl… of the bullet she found in our living room… where this morning she stood just feet away and on the other side of the wall I lay in my bed waiting for my alarm to go off for yet another day of work.

Before that bullet… YOUR bullet came grazing through the wall of our living room it also…
traveled through an entire field, bush, a field with thousands of dollars worth of Performance Horses & two corrals.

I am forever grateful that we were not up at that time, because if we were… we would have been walking right there, wearing muck boots and toques going out to see how many eggs we had to collect, wondering if Chad scored anything on his morning hunt, wondering what would be on the agenda for work today, thinking about weaning colts & making a mental list of things to pick up in town.
Naively walking through my own god damn yard… where we DO NOT hunt and where we should be safe.

And BOOM just like that… Chad could have lost his wife or worse yet I would be determining how to tell Sweet Colby’s Family that she had died in my yard…

So basically to the hunter that could have drastically changed November 13, 2015 for Backwoods Ranch indefinitely… learn how to f*#cking aim.
You are the reason Justin Trudeau wants to take guns away from the common citizen…I hope that makes you cringe.


The Wife of a Hunter who always asks permission & pulls the trigger when he knows it’s a kill shot. 

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