CFR Look #15

CFR Look #15
It’s Rodeo Week Folks & I’m more excited than a pig in poop. 
It’s the one time of year where Chad & I get to truly be out of our own environment and just relax. 
I cannot wait to check out all the booths. 
My absolute favorite thing to do is check out all the Horse Trailers I can’t afford lol. 
Some of those things are bigger than my house!

I’m a pretty big fan of this look. I probably won’t be wearing a skirt as there may be snow on the ground… but you never know… I often don’t have time to pick out outfits prior to going somewhere… I am best known for a stuffed suitcase filled with miscellaneous articles that are thrown together to create whatever look I feel like wearing. 
My main mission for this year was not to do the whole thrown together type thing, that’s where the fashion inspiration comes in…

I love the look of a concho belt wrapped around a chambray  shirt and leopard maxi skirt.
Again a clutch and a few additional accessories and BAM you are looking fly 😉

Happy Monday friends, You got this.



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