Cfr Look #14

Cfr Look #14

Happy Sunday Friends.
Grab a hot cup of joe & lets take a look at today’s inspiration.
Here is another example of the neat things Charlie 1 Horse is coming up with.
This fedora is something I love & Chad would absolutely hate!
None the less I think it’s adorable.
Remember the days of the high waisted wranglers & rockies?
I had every color imaginable… even two toned & pleather… LOL.
Turns out high waisted wranglers are making a comeback and are currently available in stores such as Urban Outfitters… who would’ve thought!
I’m really digging this floral lined, serape button up!
I think with this shirt tucked in and the jeans cuffed this is a really cute outfit for one of our more daring fashionistas out there!
The bag I picked for this set is pretty & super western. (Chad would approve…lol)

I’m excited for this week.
I get to participate in the Diverse Voices Conference again this year.
It’s a conference in Edmonton Alberta based on everything Domestic Violence.
May not seem super interesting to you… but to me, it is one of the greatest self-care retreats of the year. IΒ get to stay in a hotel, shop at West Edmonton Mall & have drinks and dinner with the work girls.
I find that you learn so much more about the people you spend every day with, when you are taken out of the work environment.
I have been blessed with the opportunity to go for the last three years & I’m thankful I get to attend again this year.
I’m so thankful to work in the field that I do and have constant opportunity for growth and learning.



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