Friday again already!!!!
Whoop whoop!
Hold your horses Folks, Cfr is only 5 days a way!!!
I am so thankful to be taking in the festivities of the rodeo with my closest friends & my hubby this year!
My friend Shelly & her hubby Joe are celebrating their anniversary at CFR.
Both of them have never been before & I can’t wait to celebrate with them!!!

This outfit is pretty casual but fun!
Fringe booties takeย every simple outfit up a notch on the cool spectrum.
I really like this loose fitting top & will be on the hunt for one similar for myself ๐Ÿ™‚
Ourย roommate Colby went shopping at Winners last week & came home with a super cool cowhide clutch! What a sweet find!
(I’m sure she will let me borrow it…cough cough.)

If you haven’t tried the Too Faced Cosmetics Melted Lipstick, you are missing out.
They come in a variety of colors.
I fell in love with them in the summertime and still use them on the daily.
Some great things about them are…
-You only need to use a little dab to completely cover your lips, the pigmentation is amaze-pants.
-They dry matte, so if you want a shiny look just add some gloss.
-They don’t mess around… they last for flippin ever!
-The packaging is adorable.

They are worth every penny & can be found at sephora!



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