CFR Look #10

CFR Look #10

CFR Look #10
I can’t believe i’ve already came up with 10 great looks to give ya’ll some CFR fashion inspiration.
There are 7 more fabulous looks coming your way!
This is a super fun look featuring a top from The Rollinj!

We do an activity at the Mayerthorpe COOL Camp with the youth called…if you really knew me.
One of things on my list is always, “if you really knew me… you would know that I’m Cactus Obsessed.”
Not because they are a fad, but because I have loved them my entire life.
Last year at the greenhouse I almost bought a $60.00 cactus… but opted out for a $6.00 one as it fit into “our” budget a little better… & because I figured Chad wouldn’t get mad, when I told him I opted out for the cheaper one hahaha.

So anyways back on track… I really love this shirt!
Also these turquoise booties are the bees knees… no word of a lie.
Add some fur, some onyx and some cowhide and you have one rocking outfit!

I promised I would share some more epic Arbonne Products with you….
Their colored lipglosses are amazzzzzing….
but the most amazing product of all is their primer.
If you want a silky smooth finish to your makeup, with no bumps along the way & without feeling like someone just through a pie in your face…. YOU MUST… Buy this product.
I will never…I repeat never use another one in my whole life… I could never cheat on this product like that…

But seriously, buy it.
Link Below.

Happy Hump Day all you Weekend Dwellers.


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