CFR Look #9

Canadian Finals Rodeo Fashion Inso #9

CFR Look #9
I’m really digging this look.
The booties that are pictured need to be mine.
I’m a little googly eyed over them.

I love the simplicity of this black high-low tunic and think adding the multi layered necklace dresses it up.
As far as I’m concerned every outfit needs some turquoise… so there we have it!

In the picture above I shared the Arbonne “It’s a long story” mascara.
If you do not own this mascara I suggest you order yourself one.
This mascara works better than fiber lashes and is amazing for sensitive eyes.
Now that I use this mascara I can’t use any others.
If you are interested in getting hooked up with some great Arbonne products… I know a girl.
Her name is Sarah & she’s amaze-pants!!!

I will be sharing more Arbonne products that I use on the daily in the days to come!!!


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