Rodeo Inspiration look #7!


I always cherish Sundays as they are my last day at home before another work week begins & I have to wait five more days to be back where I want to be most in the world.
Enjoying my animals, cleaning my house, doing tireless amounts of laundry, sipping coffee and maybe a few stones.

I’m enjoying this look as it is also pretty simple but once you ad the Faux Fur vest it takes it up a notch.
I am obsessed with all of the jewelry in this set…cough cough Christmas is coming…
I’m also a pretty big fan of this clutch as well…
cough cough.

In all seriousness, I have really been enjoying putting these inspirational sets together… because it makes me realize how many different ways I can wear things that are already sitting in my closet, which I’m sure Chad will be happy to hear;)

What is something that you wear all the time?
I get a lot of wear and tear out of my skinny mavis and all of my turquoise jewelry… & of course my minnetonkas πŸ™‚

Happy Sunday!!!!
Hoping you enjoy your Sunday as much as I am


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