Rodeo Inspiration look #5

We are going to spend our weekend carving pumpkins and hopefully greeting some trick-or-treaters!
Chad is getting all hyped up as Hunting Season begins on Sunday!
I’m hoping if I buy my deer tag, maybe I will actually get out this year!
Hunting was not something I did growing up, but really grew to like.
It’s always neat to learn a new self-sufficient skill!
I have been obsessed with braids for foreverย and integrate them into my hair styles for most of the big events in my life.
This look is a pretty casual but still superย “chic.” (Chad hates that word…) haha
I just think it’s neat how the western fashion world is evolving so much.
It’s not all about the bb simon belts, fat babies & wranglers anymore people, (not that there’s anything wrong with any of those things, just saying the western world is not limited too;)
I have to explain that to Chad on the daily… lol.
Also if you do not own this perfume… you should go buy it NOW.
It’s amazing โค

Happy FRI-YAY Friends!!!!
Stay tuned for scheduled posts all weekend on the blog!!!!

Canyon Rebel 449


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