CFR #4

Cfr fashion inspiration look #4

CFR #4
CFR Look numero 4!!!!
I can’t believe how the days are flying by & howΒ the reality of the rodeo action is looming closer.
I like this outfit mainly because the main pop of color is turquoise.
Turquoise is timeless.
Basically you know that if you invest in a piece of turquoise jewelry in your 20’s it will still be in style in your 50’s!
I am a pretty big fan of the clutch pictured above as it’s the perfect size for going out after to fit your essentials without being overly bulky.
The dark wine lips are huge this season & looks great on all skin colors.

What’s your favorite rodeo event?
I personally will always be biased and favorite barrel racing, but watching broncs is a close second for me.

I hope you enjoy your thirsty Thursday!!!


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