CFR Look #3
Faux Fur & Fringe

I was informed yesterday by the ever so fashionable Hubby…that distressed jeans… and I quote “are not fashion.”
I’m not sure I have laughed so hard in a while. I’m not sure when he became so knowledgeable on the subject of women’s fashion, but hey! No distressed jeans in todays look.

I love this look as it showcases many of my favorites!
As far as I’m concerned you can’t go wrong with some faux fur, fringe, a graphic tee & some leather.
This outfit is probably the most similar to what I will wear to the Rodeo.

I owned a clutch very similar to this one that I picked up for $2 when I first grew my love for thrifting.
I was really excited about it as it was genuine leather and the tooling was outstanding.
I couldn’t wait to show my Dad as he loved a genuine Canadian Made item. In the bottom corner of my clutch were the letters SP.
My Dad educated me on the topic of the local Penitentiary and all of the trades that are available to the inmates while they are serving time.
It just so happened that my $2 clutch was made by an inmate serving time at the Stoney Mountain Penitentiary.
Just goes to show how every pre-owned item really does have a story.

Happy Wednesday.

2 thoughts on “CFR LOOK #3

    1. If I worked at a thrift store I would be a hoarder lol! I can’t pass up a cool find… thank goodness ours is only open two days a week and I can only go one of them! Thanks for reading ❤


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