Honest to Buffalo.

Thanksgiving has come and gone & it feels as though the Holidays are closing in on us.
Christmas plans are already in the works and gift lists are being prepared.
The snow hasn’t yet fallen which we are thankful for, as we had one last large task to accomplish before the snow flies.
Last Sunday we brought the Bison in to be processed.
imageIf you haven’t ran a Buffalo into a chute before… lucky you.
Definitely not one of the items at the top of bucket list… but I’m going to add it to mine…just so I can cross it off….
These animals are huge & dangerous.
They are fast and get scared easily.
They are WILD.
If we didn’t have to bring them in too tag them, we probably wouldn’t.  As the less they are handled, the less stressed the animal is, and the more they can go about living daily life as natural as possible.
But we DO have to tag them, so that we did.
It was a really neat experience, but definitely one where less was more when it came to those who helped us.
imageimage image image image Don’t let the smiling faces in these photos deceive you.
There was no shortage of too many animals in the chute at one time.
There was no shortage of “Close the effin gate. Open the effin gate. What in the Eff are you doing.”
There was no shortage of calves being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
There was the realization that the one Cow who hasn’t calved in the two years we have owned her…. was also the one that tried to escape over the top of the chute… & is now named freezer.
& There was no shortage of the reality of how dangerous these animals are.

But… at the end of the day… this is our reality.
Our life and our farm.
Each animal made it through with a tag & the four of us came out uninjured and with a big job accomplished.

Farming is a learning experience every single day.
We learned on Sunday & we will learn when we do it again next year.

We are very thankful for these great beasts & for the help that was bestowed upon us from amazing friends.
Happy Friday from One Honest Buffalo Gal to another.
png Signiture

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