{The Infinity Dreams Award}

I have been nominated for:
The Infinity Dreams Award!
infinity dreams award
Thank-you to the one and only Amanda, from My Purple Pineapple for nominating me!
Amanda is a talented Artist who shares insights on her blog pertaining to style, health, food, faith & travel to name a few.
Give some love to Amanda by visiting and reading along with her at My Purple Pineapple!
Thank-you times a billion Amanda!!!

Rules of the Infinity Dreams Award:
1. Thank & Follow the Blog that nominated you!
2. Tell 11 Facts about yourself. 
3. Answer the Questions that were set for you to answer!
4. Nominate 11 Bloggers and Set Questions for them!

Without further adieu…11 Facts About Me.
1. I was homeschooled for most of my life.
2. I trained at a prestigious Ballet School for many years of my life.
3. I am cactus obsessed.
4. I don’t like bread, pancakes, waffles or desert.
5. I love sour Candy.
6. A Black Jetta was always my dream car… I got one 3 years ago.
7. I am terrified of frogs & blood.
8. I love to sing.
9. I am a beer drinker.
10. I love lipstick, fringe & cowboy boots.
11. My favorite color is yellow.

My Answers to Amanda’s Questions:

1. Salty or Sweet? Neither definitely sour!
Camera or Paintbrush? I actually love to do both, but I probably take more pictures then paint things.
Coffee or Tea?  Coffee in the morning and tea at night 🙂 My favorite is Chai. 
4. Inside or Outside? Outside in the Summer, Inside in the Winter 🙂
What is #1 on your travel list? I want to go to TEXAS, for antiques week.
If you could interview one person for your blog who would it be? I would have to say… Loretta Lynn, I just love everything about her.
7. If you had to paint the whole inside of your house/apartment one color…including the ceiling, which one color would you choose? Probably light gray or white because you can always add pops of color through decor… that way it still feels airy and open.
What is your favorite fruit? oranges, avocado, grapes yum yum yum.
9.What is your favorite vegetable? Cucumbers I buy them four at a time…. and eat them all myself.
Would you rather work out in the gym or run outside? I would most definitely rather run outside… I don’t need people watching my pathetic attempt of working out!
Do you prefer pants or skirts/dress? I love pants… Jeans or Leggings!

I would like to nominate:

1. Krista @ The Farmers Wifee
2. Cassie @ Lipstick & Cowboy Boots
3. Meg @ Meg’s Musings
4. Jordan @ Western Homestead
5. Amanda @ Keeping Up With the Haneys
6. Crystal @ Crystal Cattle
7. Suzi @ Chores and Chandeliers
8. Katie @ Rural Route 2
9. Jessie @ Meanwhile Back at The Ranch
10.Caitlen @ Tacos & Turquoise
11. Heather @ Life on the HK Bar

My Questions for you are:

1. When you were a child what did you want to be when you grew up?
2. What is your favorite pastime?
3. Who is your idol… dead or alive?
4. What are you wearing when you are most comfortable?
5. What are you most passionate about?
6. What is your favorite holiday?
7. Would you rather go about your normal day naked… or fall asleep for a year?
8. What is your favorite color?
9. If you were to have a child/another child what would their name be?
10. Wilderness Adventure or Day at the Spa?
11. Last but not least: What is your favorite season & Why?

Have fun ladies and Thanks for reading!
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