Be still my heart.

The colder weather is coming.
It’s quite tragic really.
This summer seemed to disintegrate through our fingers without even noticing & we all know there is only like a week of fall in Alberta.
Getting everything ready for winter when you live on a farm or ranch is a big job.
There are shelters to build, feed to purchase and store,  livestock to move & the list goes on and on.
We have been desperately working at finishing our coop, for our special layers.
Chad constructed the entire thing by hand. He is pretty crafty when it comes to the carpentry department.
He has really stepped up his game to help make my “coop dreams” a reality.
For that I am forever Thankful.
I believe in building things the right way the first time… even if it does take longer & cost more.
I can’t wait to show off the final masterpiece…it’s heaven.

We took a break from construction the other night to visit with some other ladies & one handsome stud.
They needed some much-needed love, attention & time out of our never-ending circus act we call life.
Canyon Rebel 410
Izzy and I FirstIzzy and IIzzy is our lead broodmare.
She is very, very special to me.
She is one of those mares that you can always count on to throw a beautiful colt & bring in the rest of the herd when we need them.
Canyon Rebel 432Relative is our Stud.
He was not in the picture-taking mood, but he is a genuinely amazing horse.
In his off-season I personally ride him & he is nothing but a gentleman.
Canyon Rebel 435Ruger, Bubba & Roost love spending time with us.
The time we spend with them is very special as we are soooo busy all the time.
Sometimes when you’re so pre-occupied making a living, you take GREAT animals for granted.
We are lucky to have these three equally amazing beasts.
Canyon Rebel 449
crop me and bubba.
Take some time to still your heart in the places that mean the most to you, with the ones whom you love most.
Chances are just like our herd, they are in need of some time & love.
Cherish it.

Canyon Rebel 438Wishing you & yours the warmest transition into Winter from all of us at Backwoods
All our love.
png Signiture

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